Midsummer Gardens

Local gardens open for charity

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Resting….but not on our laurels


What a wet start to the gardening year and May looks set to be one of the wettest on record. And yet we have already received enquiries about the next Midsummer Gardens. We are delighted at this early interest.
The planning and preparation for Midsummer Gardens 2013 commenced a year in advance. We visited prospective gardens, created a catalogue of images and for a full year devoted many hours to make sure that 2013 was the success it turned out to be.
As many of you know Midsummer Gardens has always been biennial. Recently Warren, Carole and Hugh met up and decided that we would like to rest the event until 2016. We came to this decision because right now none of us feel ready to dig deep and embrace the efforts required in order to organise another successful event as early as 2015.
We may have temporarily given our gardening gloves a rest but hopefully we shall continue to work towards making 2016 more successful than ever.
If any of you are thinking of opening your gardens individually please let us know and we will endeavour to publicise these on our website. Also, if anyone knows of NEW gardens please do get in touch.


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The Winners and the Runners Up


The draw for Warren’s Big BA Raffle has taken place and the lucky winner of the two BA Club Europe tickets is Richard Mealing. Richard is a member of Northwood Golf Club and on being told the good news just wanted to know which charities had benefitted. When told that it would be Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer charities he was even more delighted.


Winner, Richard Mealing, on hearing the good news


Richard bought his two tickets just 45 minutes before the draw took place

Second prize was a mixed case of quality wines plus a £50.00 voucher from Waitrose of Ruislip. This was won by Eddie and Beverley Collins of Sear Green. Eddie & Beverley both gave their time to help at one of the gardens which opened on the weekend of 15th & 16th June.

Carole Harkness draws the lucky winner, watched by Warren Reeves (right) and Scott Lowson (centre)

Carole Harkness draws the lucky winner, watched by Warren Reeves (right) and Scott Lowson (centre)

The winners in our Free Prize Draw held in conjunction with Ducks Hill Garden Centre were:
FIRST PRIZE – £50 worth of garden vouchers – Kim Ashley
SECOND PRIZE – £30 worth of garden vouchers – Mrs L. O’Brien
THIRD PRIZE – £20 worth of garden vouchers – Sally Peters

Many thanks to BA and Waitrose of Ruislip for supplying such generous prizes and helping Midsummer Gardens 2013 raise in excess of £14,000 and a special thanks to all those who visited the gardens.

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The Quotes and The Reviews

Some of the post event comments. Keep them coming.

‘Thank you so much for organising a superb weekend of peeking over garden fences – and into potting sheds, greenhouses and hidden corners!’   Ros Plume

“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our visits and only wish that we could have visited all of the gardens. Every one that we saw was an inspiration!  Thank you.”     Mr & Mrs Barker

“Thanks for allowing me to trample through your stunning garden. 
Don’t be surprised if you see me sitting on your great bench at the top, that would be my spot – drinking a long cocktail  of Disoranno, lime and Ice.”     Ophelia Chambers-Henry

“Your garden is wonderful!”    Dave Ball

“The weather could’ve been kinder but that’s life.  It felt like one big garden party. Thank you.”   Eddie & Beverley Collins

A feast for the eyes and inspiration for the soul.”   A visitor


“Amazing, you just don’t realise what is hidden from view.”   Margaret Miller

“The plant stall was sold out and could probably have been so three times over plus most of the content of your lovely garden.”  Rosemary Grant

“Just wanted to say that we so enjoyed last weekend’s garden tour.  Thank you for all your hard work in making it happen.”  Roy Clayton


“This is a real plantsman’s garden, 1st Class.”   Marie Mueller

“Cream tea was lovely, so was your garden.”     Phillip & Sharon

“Absolutely beautiful garden, thank you.”       Linda Newman


” Yesterday we had such an enjoyable visit to your beautiful garden. Where ever we looked there was so much of interest. I loved  all the artistic additions. Super cake!”            Thank you card from a visitor

“I needed some inspiration for my own garden, and now I have it.  What a happy day despite the weather!”  S. Wickenden

“It’s a habit of mine to talk to the gardeners at such events and, as always, they were all so enthusiastic about swapping notes.   I thoroughly enjoyed all the gardens we saw.”    T. Skelton

“All the gardens we saw were magnificent and the owners and visitors were welcoming and friendly.  Rosemary Lucey, Head of Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre

Garden_2013_06_21_0044T H A N K  Y O U  F O R  V I S T I N G.  S E E  Y O U  I N  T W O  Y E A R S !

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The Camera and The Climate

Garden_2013_06_09_0029 Garden_2013_05_16_0009-2“Every cloud has a silver lining” and as any top photographer will tell you, gardens are a nightmare to photograph in bright sunshine – all those shadows and highlights just create confusion. They will generally look much better in soft light or after a gentle shower. All the more reason to remember your camera this weekend.

We would love to see your favourite pictures, whether they be of the gardens, the plants or the people. You can send them to midsummergardens@ymail.com. Who knows? We may even put up a page on the website of the very best ones. Enjoy the weekend.

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Don’t Miss Out

Garden_Route_2013_03_09_0014Please don’t let it end in tears, TODAY is really your last opportunity to buy a ticket/brochure and still have time to sit down with a cup of tea, study the map and plan a packed weekend of garden visits. Don’t miss out! The gardens are ready and the gates will open at 11.00 hrs tomorrow.

We have received more photos of how the gardens are looking right now. A bit more sun and a touch more warmth over the last week would have been welcome but this is England. Enjoy the gardens – we know you will.








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